SEVEN HEADS of seven major religions
will rule the world from seven hills in Rome.

       In the book of Revelation we are given a riddle with the Prophet saying in a prophecy context regarding MYSTERY BABYLON: "HERE IS THE MIND WHICH HAS WISDOM. THE SEVEN HEADS ARE SEVEN MOUNTAINS, ON WHICH THE WOMAN SITS." (Revelation 17:9)

       We know THE SEVEN HEADS will rule the final world empire in the first half of the seven year Tribulation when we compare Revelation 12:3 with 13:1. It is a picture of the same beast in both prophecies with one major difference.

       In Revelation 12:3, "SEVEN CROWNS" are upon THE SEVEN HEADS. In Revelation 13:1, "TEN CROWNS" are upon TEN HORNS.

       Here is how we can reconcile it. In Revelation 12:3 we are actually looking at a blueprint of "A GREAT RED DRAGON". The devil takes the form of A GREAT RED DRAGON, with "SEVEN HEADS AND TEN HORNS."

       Keep in mind, the Devil is invisible to humanity unless he chooses otherwise or unless you are the Lord's anointed and can see into the unseen. In his invisible state of being as A GREAT RED DRAGON, there are "SEVEN CROWNS UPON HIS HEADS." (Revelation 12:3)

       The Devil and his army of demons will be the invisible power behind THE VISIBLE FINAL WORLD EMPIRE. The world population of unregenerate sinners will "WORSHIP THE DRAGON WHICH GIVES POWER UNTO THE BEAST (Antichrist)." (Revelation 13:4) What humanity will see in the way of crowns is found in Revelation 13:1 where THE TEN HORNS are crowned with "TEN CROWNS."

       Revelation 12:3 represents the invisible picture. And Revelation 13:1 represents the visible picture. "THAT WHICH IS UNSEEN IS GREATER THAN THAT WHICH IS SEEN."

       So THE TEN HORNS who have the military might of THE REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE in their possession will each wear a crown, but will only have power "ONE HOUR WITH THE BEAST" (Revelation 17:12) because the GREAT RED DRAGON places the crowns on THE SEVEN religious HEADS of THE ONE WORLD RELIGION of which Antichrist is the first and the foremost.

       THE TEN HORNS are reduced to figurehead status in the THE FINAL WORLD EMPIRE and come to "HATE THE WHORE" because of it. (Revelation 17:16) When you think of THE WHORE, think of THE SEVEN HEADS who will rule THE FINAL WORLD EMPIRE from behind the thrones of THE TEN HORNS.



       Now the word "hills" is not in the Bible, so the riddle is made even more difficult.

       Writers of holy Scripture refer to Zion as Mount Zion rather than the hill of Zion, yet it is but a hill in comparison to the mountains of the world. They refer to the Mount of Olives in the same way, yet it is not a mountain in our language.

       If we ever hope to understand the Word of God in the Bible, we need to talk Bible.

       We also need to be practical. We can hardly expect THE SEVEN HEADS of THE FINAL WORLD EMPIRE to sit upon the seven highest mountains of the world. Mount Everest is 29,000 feet above sea level with its peaks rising above the clouds. Can you imagine the adherents to Buddhism climbing Mount Everest for a chat with the Dali Lama? The number of visitors to THE SEVEN HEADS of THE FINAL WORLD EMPIRE would be reduced considerably.


       To establish the location of THE SEVEN MOUNTAINS in the prophecy riddle, it is important to establish the location of the capital of THE FINAL WORLD EMPIRE.

       Most Bible readers will agree we are looking for a revived Roman empire. When Daniel, the Prophet, interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar's dream in times of old, he said it was a vision of kingdoms "WHICH SHALL BEAR RULE OVER ALL THE EARTH." (Daniel 2:39b)

       "THE FOURTH KINGDOM" was the Roman empire to be ruled over by their Caesar's. By calling their king "Caesar," Rome exalted their king above the many kings of their realm whom he ruled over."

       Rome was the most glorious city in the world. It was the capital of the empire.

       The Roman empire was represented by "IRON" in the terrible form standing before King Nebuchadnezzar in "EXCELLENT BRIGHTNESS" in his dream. (Daniel 2:31) The terrible form had feet of clay and iron representing the revived Roman empire the world has been waiting for through the centuries since those prophecies were recorded.

       Legs of iron symbolized Rome's armies marching throughout its empire to crush their opponents. The feet of iron and clay symbolize the revived Roman empire's ability to crush its opponents under its feet, but the mixture of iron and clay represents divisiveness in THE FINAL WORLD EMPIRE between the devils that drive it and humans that rule it.

       The capital of THE FINAL WORLD EMPIRE will be Rome.

       That great city will be destroyed half way through seven years of global Tribulation and the revived Roman empire will be conquered in the glorious second coming of Christ when the supernatural Resurrection of believers also takes place.

       Once we recognize a REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE will be established, it follows that Rome will be its capital.


       The Seven Hills of Rome east of the river Tiber form the geographical heart of Rome within the walls of the ancient city.

       It is generally believed the original city was founded by Romulus on Palatine Hill, as the city's first king.

       Of the seven hills of current Rome, five (Aventine, Caelian, Esquiline, Quirinal and Viminal hills) are populated with monuments, buildings, and parks. The Capitoline hill now hosts the municipality of Rome, and the Palatine Hill is regarded as an archaeological area.

       There are other hills.

       And, since the prophecy does not specifically name the traditional seven hills of Rome, we ought not to presume they are the ones foreordained for THE SEVEN HEADS to sit on when THE ONE WORLD RELIGION is formed. But we are certain THE SEVEN HEADS will sit on seven mountains in the immediate vicinity of Rome.

       Vatican Hill is northwest of the Tiber and is marked on the map. It will be one of the seven mountains since the Pope is already seated there on his throne. The Capitoline hill would be the obvious choice for displacement by Vatican Hill since the municipality of Rome is already situated there.

       The seven hills or mountains we should look for THE SEVEN HEADS to sit on are the Vatican, the Aventine, the Caelian, the Esquiline, the Quirinal, the Viminal, and the Palatine.


       In the first half of the seven year Tribulation worldwide, an antichrist world religion comes into power, setting the stage for Antichrist to establish himself as world Emperor. The glue that holds this world empire together is a merging of all unregenerate religions together to where the SEVEN RELIGIOUS HEADS set themselves up after the conquest of the world on THE SEVEN HILLS of Rome to evidence their unity.

       The diagram below is a simplified picture of what that might be since the actual religions and religious heads are not identified in the prophecies, but by looking at the strength of religions existent in the world today we can be fairly certain (1) Catholicism, (2) Judaism as represented by the Jewish Antichrist, (3) Islam, (4) Hinduism, (5) Buddism (6) Protestantism to include Mormonism and the Jehovah Witnesses and (7) one more religion.

       Their adherents will come and go to their leaders in the merged ONE WORLD RELIGION on their particular hill among the seven.

       They will be in agreement that each religion offers the ability for its adherents to become a god in the flesh. Each of the seven heads of the seven major religions of the world is to be recognized as a god in the flesh. And each religion situated on one of the seven hills will supposedly offer a choice of paths to attaining to godhood.

       Strangely enough, the TBN doctrine of "little gods" plays right into the establishment of the one world religion.

       Pope Pius XI claimed sovereignty over all the people of world writing: "... the hand of God, who guides the course of history, has set down the Chair of His Vicar on earth, in this city of Rome which, from being the capital of the wonderful Roman Empire, was made by Him the capital of the whole world, because He made it the seat of a sovereignty which, since it extends beyond the confines of nations and states, embraces within itself all the peoples of the whole world."

       And Pope Paul seen kissing the Koran is another easy to read sign of the futuristic unification of seven major unregenerate worldwide religions into A ONE WORLD RELIGION situating its headquarters on the seven hills of Rome near to the Vatican.

       If you think Pope John Paul kissed the Koran only incidentally without meaning anything by it; you ought to search out his gathering of religious leaders from all of the unregenerate religions of the world to Assissi, Italy to pray for world peace.

       Assissi is a town made famous by Saint Francis of Assissi. There Pope John Paul allowed the Dali Lama to set a Buddhist idol on the altar of Saint Peter's church for a worship service with his adherents. Were we in the worldwide Tribulation, the Dali Lama would be one of THE SEVEN HEADS of THE ONE WORLD RELIGION representing Buddhism.

       Faithful Christians throughout the world will reject the one world church and hold fast to their faith that Christ as he is represented in the holy Word is the only way, truth and Life. By doing so, they will alienate themselves from the one world religion and the tremendous multitudes gathered to be deceived by the seven heads as Antichrist crusades globally with great success in the opening of THE FIRST SEAL.


       Think of the future Antichrist as the first of THE SEVEN HEADS of THE ONE WORLD RELIGION.

       Antichrist is the rider on the white horse. Expect him to work "LYING SIGNS AND WONDERS" in the worldwide crusade while claiming to be the Jewish Messiah known as "the Christ."

       The other six heads are brought into agreement to the false Messiah's doctrine of A ONE WORLD RELIGION as a cure all for the world's problems along with his many seemingly wise campaign promises including among them a moneyless world to cut down on violent robberies and a unification of all religions to reduce the causes of wars.

       Tremendous excitement will attend the gatherings of Antichrist's worldwide crusade and THE SEVEN HEADS and their doctrine of A ONE WORLD RELIGION. In unity their power is made strong.

       THE SEVEN HEADS will evolve into THE WOMAN otherwise identified in the prophecies as MYSTERY BABYLON.

       But first they must deal with rejection by Christians everywhere throughout the world from opposing the permanent establishment of THE ONE WORLD RELIGION. THE SEVEN HEADS will work behind the scenes to stir up a world conquest to bring Christians under their power.

       They succeed.

       The Lord opens THE SECOND SEAL mentioned in the book of Revelation. A worldwide nuclear riot follows with THE TEN TOES of the European Community establishing a one world empire referred to in the prophecies as A BEAST (Revelation 13:1).

       THE ONE WORLD RELIGION is referred to in the prophecies as THE GREAT WHORE (Revelation 17:1), THE WHORE (Revelation 17:16), or THE WOMAN WHO SITS UPON A SCARLET COLOURED BEAST, FULL OF NAMES OF BLASPHEMY, HAVING SEVEN HEADS AND TEN HORNS." (Revelation 17:3)

       THE GREAT WHORE is THE SEVEN HEADS who sit on THE SEVEN MOUNTAINS of Rome. They will be demon driven and empowered in the dictatorship of the revived Roman empire by the unity of unregenerate religions of the world with a mind to destroy God's people from the earth.

       In her reign, THE GREAT WHORE of MYSTERY BABYLON "GLORIFIES HERSELF AND LIVES DELICIOUSLY,..." (Revelation 18:7) until Rome is nuked by THE TEN HORNS of Europe.

       At the death of THE SIX HEADS, Antichrist rises off of his death bed to convince the world he is the Christ, and has come in THE GREAT SHAKING of THE SIXTH SEAL (Revelatin 6:12/17) to establish his thousand year reign. "AND FOR THIS CAUSE GOD SHALL SEND THEM STRONG DELUSION, THAT THEY SHOULD BELIEVE A LIE." (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

       THE TEN HORNS "RECEIVE POWER AS KINGS ONE HOUR WITH THE BEAST (ANTICHRIST)," (Revelation 17:12) and we can expect Antichrist to come forth from that meeting to crown himself world Emperor. He rules over the second half of the worldwide Tribulation (Revelation 13:5/6) as the second person of Satan's godhead, and is worshiped by the unregenerate inhabitants of the world who have taken THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

       So THE ONE WORLD RELIGION established in the first half of the Tribulation, is eliminated with the death of the other six religious heads. The seven mountains of Rome will no longer be in use. Rome is destroyed. The Pope is dead. The Vatican and all of its treasures are gone. All other religion is unified into the worship of the Antichristian Emperor who will relocate his palace elsewhere where his throne will be set until Christ returns to conquer the earth and cast him and the false prophet into THE LAKE OF FIRE.

       "EVEN SO, COME LORD JESUS!" (Revelation 22:20)


       If you will consider Daniel's interpretation of the King's vision as the final world empire, the ten toes are united on the same feet that crushes the world into submission. A king is crowned from each of those ten major European powers with the thought of ruling the world empire. They are THE TEN CROWNS on the ten horns of MYSTERY BABYLON.

       But the real power is with THE SEVEN HEADS because A GREAT RED DRAGON who is the Devil in his ready to war form, puts seven invisible crowns upon THE SEVEN HEADS according to Revelation 12:3, whereas THE SEVEN HEADS place ten visible crowns upon THE TEN HORNS. Revelation 13:1.

       THE SEVEN HEADS obtain their power by crowning kings over every nation in the world while retaining the right to uncrown them. By this means, THE TEN CROWNS are reduced to figureheads who hold power only ONE HOUR WITH THE BEAST when it becomes time for Antichrist to wear the crown of world emperor.

       Just as soon as the one world religion is in power, the persecution of Christians will begin worldwide. Christian churches everywhere will be closed down. Christians will be dislodged from their homes, jobs and businesses and persecuted to death with THE SEVEN HEADS consenting from the seven hills of Rome.

       The rough sketch below projects the idea of seven antichrists reigning over their religions individually from the seven hills of Rome in the one world religion. In the middle of the worldwide Tribulation, the ten kings will have had enough of THE SEVEN HEADS and will attempt to kill them all by destroying Rome the capital of the one world empire. But Antichrist rises off of his bed from his mortal wound miraculously after THE GREAT SHAKING of THE SIXTH SEAL, and claims it was he the whole world saw during the great shaking brandishing his sword in the heavens.

       The six religious heads are no longer mentioned in the prophecies and the Vatican which is the head of the Catholic church globally is destroyed with Rome. Antichrist obtains the consent in one hour with the ten kings and wears the crown of the global empire until Christ returns in the glory of God to destroy the armies of the world.

Many thanks to Mike Harden for scanning this illustration.

This diagram ought to give you a good idea of
how those seven religious leaders will
set up their reign on the seven hills of Rome.