It seems like very few people have considered THE NATURAL RIGHTS of people born into this world. Yet it is not man but God who owns this cerestial globe upon which mankind makes its habitation, and once this rationale fact of faith is acknowledged; it is only logical to admit that every person has a right to a piece of land to house themselves. If you watched the above video, the Police had no moral right in the sight of Almighty God to run those fellow Americans off of the land that belongs to all of us. The police are acting as if the land belongs to them alone.

      Since there are so many sinners in America, good moral Legislation is needed to open a door for men just like the recycler in the video. Instead of police oppression, what we as a society should want for them is legality. In the absence of specific complaints against those men, they should have the right to live there according to their means since they are destitute.

      And if we as a society do not like the looks of their shanties, we should be willing for our taxes to pay for a tent and whatever else is needed to make their residing on government property satisfactory to minimum standards set in law. A safe wood stove. A portable latrine and trash receptacle serviced by the city.

      We as a people need to see they are destitute, yet in the above video; their camp was admirable in its organization. Keep in mind they have no encouragement to build it up really nice because of Police sweeps in which American citizens who are down and almost out; are swept out of their encampments like trash.

      If Jesus were walking in America like he did in Israel of old, our Police departments would sweep him out with the man in the video. Police Departments throughout America have arbitrarily made it a practice to oppress the destitute rather than protect them.

      To homeowners in the United States and in other countries, this kind of advice sounds like a recipe to financial disaster for a neighborhood where property values could be adversely affected. Let there be a National Homeless Czar in charge of requiring a certain amount of scattered sites throughout the cities for homeless encampments.

      The following photos were taken in Japan where the Court sided in favor of homeless campers making themselves a shelter in the park. By guaranteeing every America their natural rights, we open the door for some of them to work their way out of the state of destitution they are trapped in, and to others we allow their right to the pursuit of happiness according to their freedom to choose.

      The above tarp tent was judged to be a legal address in Utsubo Park in Osaka, Japan. Fortunately for the occupants, they were not in a high dollar residential area or the court room would have been flooded with home owners crying out against the occupants.

      The court went further to say that tearing one down without recompense is tantamount to an illegal eviction. So the court in effect legalized homelessness.

      Homelessness is an international problem. All of the nations should legalize homelessness irregardless of whether or not the homeless construct a shelter. By doing so they would line the law of their nation up with the ethical behaviour toward the homeless God Almighty would expect of the righteous.

      Instead government officials in the nations bully the homeless from one location to another, from one camp to another; to where they find it not only difficult to care for their necessities; but they are made to suffer from sleep deprivation. Yet the homeless do have the right to a piece of land where they can lay their head down to rest. Yet in Japan tarp houses in parks now proliferate because the judicial system there has shown heart. Japan is well ahead of other nations in solving their homeless problem.

      The camp you see in the below photograph looks orderly, but CALTRANS, the government organization that controls the land alongside California's highways will tear it down and carry off their possessions as squatters and trespassers without any consideration for their natural rights to have a piece of God's land to lay their head.

      Government officials say the land belongs to the government. They are wrong. The land belongs to God and to the people, and is administered by the government. There is a difference. When those officials who do wickedly in unnecessarily tearing down peaceable encampments where no criminal activity is taking place, find themselves before the White Throne Judgment crying out for mercy; they will be reminded they were merciless.


      In the undeclared war against the homeless in America, ridiculous incidents and laws take place showing the real nature of humanity to be evil.

      Who would ever dream of outlawing the use of blankets in a bitter cold climate like Santa Cruz? But property owners can be ruthless when it comes down to homeless eyesores v/s their property values.

      By outlawing the use of blankets outdoors in the city's jurisdiction overnight, the Santa Cruz city council empowered the police to confiscate the blankets of the homeless. As it should have been expected, homeless people subjected to the bitter freezing nights of winter in Santa Cruz were looking death in the eye.

      Here we see Becky Johnson holding a sign. She should have written "AND STILL A BLANKET BAN." The city ordinance was against the use of blankets. Ruthless city council members knew the homeless could not sleep in bitter Santa Cruz cold without their blankets.

      What we need from the federal government is a law holding State, County and City governments accountable for any deaths they cause with hate legislation. It should not be illegal for anyone to be homeless in the United States. This great nation was settled by pioneers sleeping in tents, under the stars, living in (covered wagon) vehicles, and in shacks they pieced together from whatever they could find. It wasn't always pretty, but they got the job done.